View of Haiti from Space

For anyone who has ever visited Haiti, one things remains a consistent theme of words: the beauty of the nation. Despite significant challenges Haiti has demonstrated a unique beauty not only with the natural landscapes, serene beaches, artistic statues and artefacts, beautiful fabrics, ornaments and decorations and the landscapes of hills, mountains and architecture. One needs not look too far to view the Citadel to witness the marvel of man and nature when genius construction is embedded into the mountain top itself to create an earthly wonder. It bears the questions, how does it look like from space?

Unfortunately despite the capturing of Haiti on the ground through photos and documentation by people – there is a severe lacking of nation’s ecosystem from the View of Space. Satellite imagery and picturesque views of a region from space serves to enhance the understanding of the region and serves as beautiful imagery that gives perspective to the region’s population.

During the earthquake in 2010 that led to the deaths of nearly 300,000 Haitian people, the country’s was made to an acutely aware of the lack of imagery about the region and the ability to continuously capture images and service the needs of the people on a needs case basis. These were moments were the nation had to lease satellite hours from NASA, JAXA, ESA and more in order to better help direct people during the disaster zone and provide relief from the devastation. Which roads are safe, which bridges have broken, where are the highest alert places, where are the safe zones and how fast are the disaster’s ancillary effects spreading. One can imagine in situations such as these, a view of Haiti from Space is not for discovery, beauty or knowledge empowerment but rather the difference between life and death.

Haiti Tech Summit founded by Christine Souffrant Ntim, brought a highlight on innovation and technology as the tool to accelerate growth, galvanise all stakeholders domestically and in the diaspora but also to spotlight the nations and its potential. A satellite may be one of the most empowering means to spotlight the country in order to truly provide added self reliance, solutions of innovation and save lives in the wake of a disaster. “Satellite can bring us some of the best view’s of Haiti from Space”, Christine Ntim.

Haiti has some of best scenic views of space and its time for the people of Haiti to have more solidarity and control over their skies and space.