[June 10, 2019- Port au Prince, Haiti]  We thank all the partners, sponsors, speakers and ticket holders who have overwhelmed us with emails, calls, and messages today to notify us of their commitment to participate in Haiti Tech Summit 2019. It is an honor to have their trust and support.  We now turn to the Haiti Tech Community with an important Public Service Announcement.

We are here to humbly re-affirm our 13 year commitment to Haiti. 

We are aware of the protests that took place on Sunday June 9th- across different parts of the country. Similar protests have also occurred this very weekend in Venezuela, Hong Kong and other countries.  We respect the mission of the people to make their voices heard and commend their efforts to galvanize together for Haiti’s future with their democratic right to protest.

Thus, we will now clearly state the mission and capacity of Haiti Tech Summit during this important turning point in Haiti’s history. This message is meant to be made as a point of transparency not a point of concern to all of the stakeholders who love, respect and believe in our mission.

  1. We have International Security Protocols. We have a different logistical support network for Haiti Tech Summit because we are the largest tech conference not only in Haiti but the entire Caribbean. Thus we have both public and private security for transport, pick up, onsite management, and airport drop-off for both local and international participants. You will not be alone at any point of the experience. We usually have 140+ group pick ups every hour at the airport; starting at 7am until late night on arrival day June 20th. As a reminder- each transport is led and followed by armed police and security to divert and speed through traffic.
  2. We have International Sponsored Participants.  There has been several mentions regarding the US State Department’s travel warning. We have the highest amount of international participants flying in from 80+ countries.  Furthermore, the US Embassy of Port Au Prince is a Platinum Partner of the summit annually and this year sponsored flights, hotels, and summit tickets for 30 entrepreneurs from across the Caribbean. There are 8 other partner organizations who have sponsored entrepreneurs in a similar capacity.
  3. We have Consistency and Credibility. Due to our credibility in hosting the biggest events in Haiti for the past 3 Years , we have back-up protocols for security which includes helicopter transportation that we have used for celebrity arrivals- like Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter), Ben Horowitz (Billionaire Investor) etc. We have this readily available for all participants this year when necessary. Please note that protests happen often in Haiti as they do other parts of the world and do not target internationals.

We’ve had these security measures every year as our 1500+ alumni, can testify to as featured in their testimonials and reviews. Due to the increased participation for this 3rd annual summit we’ve increased our security protocol for the management of 1000 participants throughout the entire experience. RSVPs will close this Friday.

We are committed to this 13 year initiative to Haiti and hope you can join us to experience it for yourself.
Attached is our info pack which outlines the entire experience of security, transport and experience.  HTS FAQ 2019.

RSVP to join us on June 20-22, 2019.


About Haiti Tech Summit:Haiti Tech Summit brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities and creatives under one roof together to address humanity’s greatest challenges via tech and entrepreneurship. It is a part of a 13-year initiative to turn Haiti into an international tech hub by 2030. Deemed the “Davos of the Caribbean”, Haiti Tech Summit has welcomed keynote speakers such as Jack Dorsey-founder of Twitter, President of Haiti- Jovenel Moise, Ben Horowitz- Investor in Facebook, etc.