[June 10, 2019- Port au Prince, Haiti]  As we continue to provide exciting updates to the 3rd annual edition of Haiti Tech Summit, we are pleased to share an opportunity for 2019 guests.

Due to global news announcements regarding renewed confidence in Haiti with the decreased travel warning to the country- we received a surge in bookings and flight detail submissions. We are humbled by the continued support, trust and confidence that you have in our 13 year commitment and mission for the betterment of Haiti.

Thanks to this commitment, we have the capacity to provide helicopter transport directly from Port Au Prince airport to Decameron Beach Resort to expedite arrival experience. We have completed helicopter transport for headline speakers and their guests every year and are pleased to leverage this annual partnership provided to us for more guests this year. With the high number of arrivals- we have this partnership offer to make sure arrival and departure day runs efficiently and smoothly for you.

Please note, that we are still providing our enhanced group shuttle transportation with security escort service to divert and speed through traffic on June 20th for arrival day and on June 23rd for departure day.

This year’s helicopter transport will be offered to Haiti Tech Summit hotel package guests which includes Speakers, VIPs, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Sponsored entrepreneurs of the US Embassy, Gold and Bronze package participants. These ticket holders will receive information on the airport lobby pick up, boarding, luggage detail and security procedure for helicopter transport this week. Standard day pass ticket holders are welcome to use shuttle transport or upgrade their ticket by emailing the team at info@haititechsummit.com. All others who prefer ground transport- may board at the airport entrance where you will be greeted by 30+  Haiti Tech Summit Ambassadors.

Attached is our info pack which outlines the entire experience of security, transport and experience.

Thank you for your continued confidence and support.

We are committed to this 13 year initiative to Haiti and hope you can join us to experience it for yourself.

Attached is our info pack which outlines the entire experience of security, transport and experience.  HTS FAQ 2019. RSVP to join us on June 20-22, 2019.


About Haiti Tech Summit:Haiti Tech Summit brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, celebrities and creatives under one roof together to address humanity’s greatest challenges via tech and entrepreneurship. It is a part of a 13-year initiative to turn Haiti into an international tech hub by 2030. www.Haititechsummit.com