In 2017, Haiti Tech Summit launched a 13 year  mission to transform Haiti into a global hub via technology. With the world having to operate remotely and virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic – more stakeholders now fully understand why tech is not only a tool to accelerate Haiti but of vital importance to sustain Haiti during this crisis.

We’ve monitored the rise in digital meetings, webinars, e-learning and more in Haiti. Now let’s coordinate and amplify.

What is the Plan? 

Over the past 3 weeks we’ve held long strategy sessions with our global partners and stakeholders to discuss their plans for Haiti during this crisis. Remember that the Haiti Tech Summit network boast 300+ speakers, 2000+ attendee alumni, over 89+ partners and148,000 subscribers. So we’ve been pretty busy getting them all aligned for what we are about to share with you now.

#HaitiTechCovid19 Relief Package

Over the next 6 months (April – September) we are going leverage tech to tackle 3 key areas of need for Haiti during this pandemic:

Part 1: Employment.

Part 2: Economy.

Part 3: Ecosystem.

Please note that the following Employment program is for Haitian citizens only. We will have an upcoming program for the Haitian Diaspora and “Friends of Haiti”.

Part 1: Employment #RemoteHaitiInternship

According to World Bank public data records, Haiti’s official unemployment is at 13.7%. Unfortunately this will increase dramatically due to the corona virus pandemic as more layoffs occur across the country.
Our young professionals are going to be some of the hardest hit groups; facing a challenging time entering the labor market. So at Haiti Tech we teamed up with our corporate network – Google, Linkedin, Salesforce etc to train interns for the workforce of the future in order to get hired for remote internships starting this Summer 2020. There are limited seats for the first cohort.

Apply for a remote internship here. Deadline is April 24th.

Given the current state of lockdown across the nation and the inability for people to travel to work we believe having the right skill set in order to be able to work remotely is one of the core means to empower young professionals for the job market, domestically and internationally. Many corporates in our network are actively looking for skilled talent in order to add to their workforce starting off with an internship. Below are some leading organizations featured in our network. 

If you are looking to hire remote Haitian talent email us at