Haiti Tech Summit is pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Summit will be in partnership with Forbes8 and the US Embassy of Haiti. The agenda will be the first crowdsourced agenda – Roadmap to 2030– bringing decision makers together to transform Haiti’s 10 major industry sectors via technology. Over 100 global speakers will convene to launch partnerships to accelerate: Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Finance, Media, Energy, Health, Fashion, Real Estate, and Music.  RSVP to join us on June 20-22, 2019.

Haiti Tech Summit will offer the largest series of training workshops on personal branding, business financing, and digital marketing in Haiti’s history. Workshop sessions will cover 3 tracks:

  • Individual track- Learn how to build and monetize your personal brand in the digital age.
  • Business track- Learn how to build startups that leverage future technologies or learn how to optimize your current business with the best digital tools available today.
  • Ecosystem track- Learn how to start and scale a movement. From training on how to launch an incubator to how to launch tech events- we reveal the top strategies influencers can leverage to scale Haiti’s tech ecosystem.



Haiti at 215 years: Resilience of a People & Foundations of a Future Tech Hub

  • Moderator Cassandre Charles VP Essence Magazine
  • Speaker Hajj Fleming CEO/Founder Rebrand Cities
  • Speaker Gianluca Galletto Partner Global Futures Group
  • Speaker Alice Bonhomme-Biais Disaster Relief Former Google Employee

KEYNOTE Carlos Sanvee   Secretary General YMCA – Geneva

Haiti in Year 2234- The Pearl of the Caribbean Rises from the Ashes

  • Moderator Vania Andre Editor in chief Haitian Times
  • Speaker Patrick Attie Founder School/ ESIH
  • Speaker Rock Andre President Cedel Haiti
  • Speaker Max Larson Henry President Ahtic

KEYNOTE  Skyler Badenoch CEO Hope for Haiti Presentation

From Mother Earth to the Motherboard- A Women’s Role in building tech ecosystems of the future

  • Moderator Christine S. Ntim Founder Haiti Tech Summit
  • Speaker TBA TBA TBA
  • Speaker Maryse Kennett- Pedar Founder at Prodev Education
  • Speaker Dieudonne Luma Etienne Senator Senator

Headline Keynote TBA TBA TBA TBA

The Influence of Diaspora

  • Moderator Sandy Laborde TV Host IMAJ TV
  • Speaker Johanna Leblanc US Embassy of Haiti
  • Speaker Christine Coupet Founder & CEO of Dagmar Marketing Agency
  • Speaker Bie Aweh Co-Founder HBCUtoStartup

Haiti Industry Influencers

  • Moderator Sandra Florvella Founder Haitian-Businesses.com
  • Speaker Joel Widmaier Owner Fondation Haiti Jazz
  • Speaker Magalie Dresse Founder Caribbean Craft
  • Speaker Stephane Elias Founder E-novative health
  • Speaker F. Carl Braun Chairman and CEO Unibank

KEYNOTE Reynold Hyppolite Youth program manager CRS

Future of Government (Policy) Keynote Features

  • Speaker Guy Francois Minister of Haitians Living Abroad Ministry of Citizenship
  • Speaker TBA Ministry of Finance
  • Speaker TBA Ministry of Tourism
  • Speaker Bocchit Edmond Minister Ministry of Foreign Affairs

KEYNOTE Jon Piechowski Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs

Haiti’s #ChangeTheNarrative Movement: Media Influencers Provide The Hope & Reality (Creole)

  • Moderator Johnson Napolean Media Influencer
  • Speaker Carel Padre Media Influencer Chokarella
  • Speaker Wendell Media Influencer Metropole
  • Speaker Frantz Duval Media Influencer Ticket Magazine/Le Nouveliste
  • Speaker Liliane Pierre Paul Media Influencer Kiskeya
  • Speaker Patrick Moussignac Media Influencer Radio tele Caraibes

DAY 1 Side stage



Future of Health Innovation- Sponsored by the United Nations Foundation

  • Moderator     Rose Desauguste Director Haiti Tech Health
  • Speaker        Paul Auxilla Senior consultant        United Nations Foundation
  • Speaker        Dave Fils-Aime       Haiti Project manager Clean cookstoves
  • Speaker        Sabine Bernard, MPH        Senior Associate, Malaria      United Nations Foundation

KEYNOTE: Ty Heath Global Lead for Agency and Partner Education Linkedin

Possibilities: How do You Accelerate a Startup Ecosystem- Marketing & Communications

  • Moderator        Philip Delvecchio        Head of Ambassador Program        Global Startup Ecosystem
  • Speaker        Hollie Haggans       Global Partnerships Digital Ocean
  • Speaker        Brandon Greer      Hubspot Ventures Lead        Hubspot

KEYNOTE:  Daraiha Greene, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, Community Inclusion  Google

Forbes 30 Under 30 Panel

  • Moderator        Christine Ntim  Founder- Haiti Tech Summit  Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Speaker        Alexandria Co-Founder        New Story
  • Speaker        Greg Constantine        Founder and CEO Air Co.
  • Speaker        Janna Landon HBCU Outreach Specialist at Google, Inc

Headline Keynote Speaker        Tom Davis Chief Marketing Officer        Forbes

Possibilities: Accelerate a Startup Ecosystems- Insights from Accelerators and Incubators

  • Moderator        Marc Alain Founder Banj
  • Speaker        Cody Simms   Partner Tech Stars
  • Speaker        Clifford Regional        Lead Alpha Haiti
  • Speaker   Milan Koch Partner Alpha Block Investments        Blockchain
  • Speaker        Leigh-Ann A. Buchanan        Executive Director Venture Cafe

KEYNOTE: Inspiration  Ryan Foland Founder Influencer Tree

US Embassy Pitch Competition

  • Pitch Off Moderator Jeanne- Clarke Public Affairs Officer US Embassy of Port au Prince
  • Pitchers Top Entrepreneurs Sponsored US Embassy of Port au Prince

KEYNOTE: US Ambassador Speaker Michelle Sisson   US Ambassador US Embassy of Port au Prince

Day 2 Side stage Workshops

  • Dell
  • Linkedin
  • Hubspot
  • Github