Haiti Tech Summit is not your average conference. Its an inspiring gathering of doers and changemakers who are coming together to shape the future for the better.

With over 123 million social media impressions created each year, Haiti Tech Summit will seriously blow your mind. We promise. Here are 4 reasons why.


Each year Haiti Tech Summit brings together 100 global speakers and close to 1000 entrepreneurs, investors, media influencers and government officials who aim to turn Haiti into a major tech hub by 2030. Deemed the “Davos of the Caribbean”, Haiti Tech Summit has welcomed keynote speakers such as Jack Dorsey-founder of Twitter, the President of Haiti- Jovenel Moise, Ben Horowitz- Investor in Facebook, Vicky Jeudy- Netflix Actress @ Orange is the New Black and more. As such, many participants network and connect with decision makers that go on to launch major innovative projects.  Furthermore, many people build lifelong friendships and relationships.


Hosted at Haiti’s #1 beach resort, the summit forces participants to break away from day to day activities and immerse themselves in the experience. Aside from the intense panel sessions, networking groups, workshops and award ceremonies – participants will have to juggle between multiple night parties that don’t end until 5am. Don’t forget you have to be back up again for summit activities that start at 9am. Haiti is in the Caribbean, so we know how to party. Our team now issues an official FAQ warning that advises participants to not bring work to the summit. It’s pointless because once you arrive, the  #TeamNoSleep code is in affect. No worries- we have sunglasses and coffee to keep you looking decent each morning.


To date, 11 major initiatives were launched at Haiti Tech Summit and become major contributors to the tech ecosystem in the Caribbean. Initiatives announced at Haiti Tech Summit include incubators such as  Alpha Haiti and Banj and Silicon Valley based programs such as Facebook Developer Circles, Google Start, Google Haiti and Startup Grind Port au Prince. Larger initiatives like the multi year agreement between Airbnb and Ministry of Tourism and the Haiti Space Agency were also launched due to the partnerships formulated at the summit. Haiti Tech Summit now serves as a major platform for announcements and launches within the entire region.


Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Christine Souffrant Ntim founded Haiti Tech Summit to #changethenarrative about Haiti. She was well aware of the power of storytelling and the need to re-brand Haiti as a nation. To do this, the summit was announced with 423,000 supporters that yielded 83 million social media impressions and 74 press features within its first year. The summit now encourages participants to document and share their experience via blogs, photos and videos to change the image of Haiti.

In all, Haiti Tech Summit is not for the faint of heart. Only bold changemakers are allowed. So if you want to be apart of something truly magical- come to Haiti Tech Summit. Leave all of your previous notions of Haiti behind and meet local and international influencers who believe in a new future for Haiti. One that has never been told before…because in the end we’re all recreating that future together. #seeyouinhaiti.

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