Amidst the never-ending news cycles of protests, government instability and social unrest- it’s hard to imagine where Haiti will be in the next few years. With soaring inflation and loss of confidence in the political climate- the world is acutely watching as the Haitian people- like citizens of many other countries (France, UK, Venezuela, etc.) demand more of the republic.

The important thing to closely monitor now, is not just the actions of the government but the actions of its citizens. What role will the people play in the future of Haiti. Whether you are a local Haitian, a member of the Haitian diaspora or “friends of Haiti” at large- what will you do to transform the trajectory of a country that once was heralded as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”. A country that despite its struggles, inspired the world to believe in the power of the human spirit for liberty as the first black republic in 1804.

Yet the harsh response to this inspirational tale is that Haiti’s past was beautiful but what of its present? To this we reply- “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”—Robert H. Schuller. Again we look to the Haitian citizen to determine Haiti’s true narrative.

We are on a global tour to rally our global citizens to discuss the 13 year initiative of Haiti Tech Summit and  bring together doers who are advancing Haiti to new heights for a prosperous future. Some of the projects we’ve heard so far include real estate projects to spark more tourism inflows into the country, resource centers to train Haitian graduates for remote online work in the digital age and payment platforms to revitalize business transactions with international networks. All focused on practical solutions targeting infrastructure development, job security, economic restructuring and more.

Haiti has overcome a lot in its 215 year history and it will stand to overcome more in the next 215 years and beyond.  

We hope to see you at one of our global gatherings. Come with solutions..come with positive energy…and come with the power of the Haitian spirit. Because in the end, that’s the only thing that never lost its fire and will prove to stand the test of time.

#HaitiStandsTall #SeeYouInHaiti

Join us Paris, London… roadshows with more to be announced. Or meet us at the 3rd annual tech summit.